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A Platinum Solution that targets...

Melaleuca Marketing and Captures Melaleuca Leads with our Platinum Designed Melaleuca Website Prospecting Pages

Inspired by Platinum’s Home Office Pro Network Marketing Software technology.

  What you receive:

  • 4 Platinum-Designed and Hosted Melaleuca Websites made to capture Melaleuca Leads targeting key Melaleuca Marketing Demographics.

  • Dial-for-dollars – Call Melaleuca Leads with ease using our 3-Click outcome system

  • Track the history of your Melaleuca Leads automatically while you call

  • Send instant pre-written, yet customizable, response emails after each contact with your Melaleuca Leads

  • Move contacts with one click into your included and integrated Response Magic Autoresponder

  • Included pre-written auto responders tied to each capture page that match the outcome of your calls

  • Set appointments easily using our built–in Calendar System

  • Track your traffic using the built-in Website Statistics Analytics

  Collaborate with your organization ( Big or Small ):

  • Internal Messenger will allow you to communicate with your Melaleuca Team members using Prospecting Pages

  • Share you Melaleuca leads amongst other team members who have Prospecting Pages

  • Keep a consistent branded message amongst your Melaleuca Team

"$1 for the first 30 days, after 30 days the price is $19.95 per month"

Looking to create a customized Melaleuca team website?
Create a Melaleuca Marketing Website and
Generate Targeted Melaleuca Leads


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